Tutte le edizioni del B#Side festival.


Programma B#Site the RIver Festival, 2022  



From 11/01/2019 to 24/02/2019
Exhibition: For a human geography of war / B#Side Gallery

From 01/03/2019 to 31/03/2019
Exhibition: Artists, firms & Archive / B#Side Gallery

From 05/04/2019 to 12/05/2019
Post colonial frames / From the south (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

From 17/05/2019 to 22/06/2019
Young Collectors & Corporate Collectors (exhibition & special Current event) B#Side Gallery

From 28/06/2019 to 08/08/2019
Public Intimacy (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

September 2019
Current Event: Art, Retail and selling point



from 03/02/2018 to 17/03/2018
Stuff of Epic (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

from 23/02/2018 to 25/02/2018
Revolution Has Been Televised (videoart installations in the atomic bunker of the city) @ Udine

from 10/03/2018 to 11/03/2018
Comfort Zone (land art creative workshop) / Openday finale @ Gradisca d’Isonzo

from 24/03/2018 to 06/05/2018
Vanitas / From Dust Till Dust (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

from 06/04/2018 to 20/04/2018
Only Holy Memory (exhibition) @ Atelier Montez, Rom, Via di Pietralata 147/A-B

Enterpreneurs and their museums (special event in partnership with Current Corporate) B#Side Gallery

from 12/05/2018 to 08/07/2018
Post colonial frames / Landing Americas (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

from 24/05/2018 to 25/05/2018
Memory Trees (Land Art Installation) on the Carso Upland, in Fogliano Redipuglia

from 31/05/2018 to 15/06/2018
Imago # Vanitas  (Exhibition)
 @ Palazzo Ducale, Genova

14/06/2018 to
Narrarte (special event in partnership with Colere) @ B#Side Gallery

from 05/07/2018 to – 05/08/2018
Ruins / Decadenza e rovina (exhibition) @Duino Castle (Duino-Aurisina)

from 13/07/2018 to 26/08/2018
Still Life (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

from 16/08/2018 to 23/08/2018
From The Front (book presentation) @Kugy film festival, Tarvisio

from 01/09/2018
Post colonial frames / Ex Oriente Exhibition & Special performances:

September the 1st
12X2 ACTIONS, by Ruchi Anandkat. @ B#S Gallery, 19.00 h

September 27th/30th
GHOSTS & GOLEMS (a 4 days performance by Dan Allon). OPENING: September the 27th, 18.00 h @B#S Gallery

October 6th/7th
TEA FOR 5 (performance by Neja Tomsic). Saturday the 6th, from 19.00 h / Sunday the 7th, from 11.00 @ B#S Gallery

from 07/09/2018 to 23/09/2018
Rottura di Superficie (Exhibition) B#Side Gallery

Saturday, October the 20th / Sunday, October the 21th @ Riserva Naturale di Doberdò
Opening of the land art installation SEGNI, by Joshua Cesa

from 25/10/2018 to 25/11/2018
Trees remember too (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

Thursday, November the 8th @B#S Gallery
Current Event: Art Bonuses, Sponsorship & other forms of co-production between private corporations and cultural public institutions

Saturday, November the 10th @Museu d’Història de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain)
Insight, sound installation

from 01/12/2018 to 30/12/2018
Art & Industry (exhibition & Christmas party) B#Side Gallery



from 09/08/2017 to 31/10/2017
After Hiroshima (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

from 06/11/2017 to 06/11/2017
Il Conquisto di Granada (book presentation) @ University of Granada -Spain-

from 09/11/2017 to 09/11/2017
From The Front (book presentation) @ Girona University -Spain-

from 10/11/2017 to 02/12/2017
Memory Lands (exhibition) B#Side Gallery

from 17/11/2017 to 17/11/2017
Il Conquisto di Granada (book presentation) @ Leuven University -Belgium-

from 19/11/2017 to 19/11/2017
Davanti a Trieste/From the front (book presentation) @ Duino book festival

from 29/11/2017 to 29/11/2017
Il Conquisto di Granata (book presentation) @ Chicago University -USA-

from 02/12/2017 to 02/12/2017
Insight (sound art installation) @ the National WW1 Museum and Memorial, Kansa City -USA-

from 03/12/2017 to 03/12/2017
From The Front (book presentation) @ the National WW1 Museum and Memorial, Kansa City -USA-

from 07/12/2017 to 27/01/2018
Impermanence (exhibition) B#Side Gallery