PRISONERS Public art installation, by Joshua Cesa

06.01.2017 | Eventi e mostre passati

Vernissage: May, Saturday the 6th at 06:00 p.m. in the small court in front of Casa Museo Tartini (Kajuhova 12, 6330, Piran, Slovenija)

The installation is accessible from 06:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., in the area between Piazza Tartini, Strada Adamiceva and Strada Bolniska (during the days of May 4 – 7th 2017)

The installation Prisoners is born from the need to investigate the experience of captivity in a perceptive sense. Starting from the historical experience of the Great War, the artwork triggers a reflection on the idea of imprisonment, a constant and invariable implication in all the conflicts, impacting on the way in which we perceive the world.

Installed in the urban space of the Pirano city center, the cubic structures open themselves to dynamism, showing the image of many people trapped inside them, that, desperate, seek freedom.

The random meeting with the artwork leads the passers-by to reflect on the encounter/clash paradox between their freedom and the exasperated condition of the prisoner, which is outside any time and any place (awakening a valuable, albeit uncomfortable, historical memory). A metaphor for all the imprisonments, not only those due to overt wars, but also the ones due to concealed conflicts.

Two languages underlie in the same work: fixity and perfection of the geometrical figure, combined with faulty and desperate gestures of those that try to achieve freedom. The artist Joshua Cesa describes a prison without expectations, reexaminating the relationship between prisoners and prison guards. Cubes are containers and contents, they are both cells and prisoners, each of them with a personal story. Walking through the city of Pirano, just for a few days, will be possible to face with these stories: the artwork is in dialogue with the shapes of the city, in a cultural landscape in which the comparison between the slender alleys and open maritime landscape takes the visitor to the sea, symbol of hope and freedom from any prison.

The installation appears to the unaware visitor in an unexpected way, provoking a primordial insight, evoking a strong and desperate recalls to human beings: our natural state is freedom.

In collaboration the Municipality of Piran, the Italian Community of Piran and with Casa Museo Tartini

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