Amulets. Pietra Camargo Galli’s workshop for Ceramic Art.

Jan. 27 – 5:30 p.m.
San Pier d’Isonzo City Council Hall.

A special family workshop between contemporary art and ceramic art, led by Brazilian multi-disciplinary artist Pietra Camargo Galli. Combining clay manipulation with an archaeological-flavored search into personal and community memories, the workshop focuses on shaping a number of artifacts – rings, necklaces, miniature sculptures – that represent the “garden of memory” of the participating family: a personal archive of memories and dreams to carry with them into everyday life, in the form of an amulet.

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Difesa dela ‘Georgica’ di Virgilio, Erasmo di Valvasone
Presentation of the critical edition B#S edited by Alberto Pavan

January 28 – h. 17.00
Theater of the Castle of Valvasone

IoDeposito and B#S Edizioni present the first critical edition of the manuscript Defense of Virgil’s ‘Georgica’ by Erasmus of Valvasone. Editor Alberto Pavan discusses the particularities of his edition work-complete with an exhaustive introduction and rich commentary-along with historians Angelo Floramo and Franco Colussi, and Tancredi Artico.
Originating as an apologia for the Virgilian didactic poem, The Defense of the ‘Georgica’ is actually a fundamental theoretical key to understanding not only Erasmus’ work, but a whole turn of the sixteenth-century tradition.

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Come2Art, Aperitif at the exhibition in Gorizia

Saturday, March 11 – h. 18:00
Exhibition space of the Agorè association, Corso Verdi 95, Gorizia

An aperitif in the frame of the exhibition Come2Art, generated by the work of five international contemporary artists (Pamela Diamante, Valentina Sciarra, Ahad Moslemi, Alice Mestriner, Elena Tortia) with a group of students and citizens of the Gorizia-Nova Gorica area.
Between video works, frottage, photography and caviardage, the collective path that led the working group to relate, through the most innovative languages of contemporary art, to the historical past of the city and the surrounding landscape (dotted with monuments, war and burial sites) will be revealed.
For all guests a bio-aperitif offered, on the notes of generative music, immersed in new artistic experimentation.

Peripheral Memories
The exhibition in Udine

March 9 through April 2.
Thursdays 5 to 7 p.m., Friday through Sunday 3 to 7 p.m.
MAKE exhibition space at Palazzo Manin – via Manin 6/A

International contemporary artists have carried out a profound research on the collective imaginaries of “Made in FVG” industry in relation to the geographical territory and its history, involving citizens and businesses, investigating unprecedented aesthetic and cultural possibilities in contact with the steel, nautical-naval and milling sectors. Moving among the area’s cultural and natural heritage, each artist created a work of art capable of evoking its productive identity, with forms, materials, gestures, and sensory elements.
On display will be the material, installation and video-art works by Deimion Van Der Sloot, Laura Santamaria, Neja Tomšič.
Unpublished performances by Andreja Kargačin, Zofia Zoltkowsky, Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi will also be presented (March 17, 24 and 31, 2023).
The companies Molino Moras, Tre.Co.Fer, Cantiere Alto Adriatico, Friuli Inossidabili, La San Marco, and Veleria Hannibal collaborated.
Access to the exhibition is free. Free guided tours are available by reservation at prenotazioni@iodeposito.orgv

Peripheral Memories
Performances at the MAKE exhibition space

Queen Elisabeth and asbestos snow
Andreja Kargačin

Premiere of the new performance
Friday, March 17 – h. 18:30
Palazzo Manin, via Manin 6/A, Udine

An interdisciplinary artist originally from Novi Sad (Serbia), Andreja Kargačin was born in theater and came to performance through her background in dance and dramatic art studies, which took place in Belgrade. Originally from a “multiethnic and paradoxical” part of the Balkans, she shapes her interest in the gray areas of history and the role of collective memory through body work, introjecting the lessons of Marina Abramović, who chose her as her performer and student.

The new performance, created following a period of residency on the territory of Monfalcone, opens a reflection on the theme of differences between East and West (cultural and gender differences, between stereotypes and social gap) starting from the artist’s encounter with industries and museum heritage of the naval sector.
Inspired by the importance placed on the famous cruiser Queen Elizabeth and the encounter with workers and laborers who immigrated to our territory from the former Yugoslavia, strengthened by the centrality of the body – deprived of its erotic value and coated with symbolic meanings – the performance suggestively combines elements of local history and iconographic elements of the Serbian world, communicating with the viewer also through the presence of symbols present in the performative perimeter (each object suggests an interpretation of the overall picture). The act is engaging and poetic for the viewer, also because of its difficulty of execution: it is a durational performance in which the artist remains motionless for hours in uncomfortable and climatically adverse conditions.

Participation in the performance is free, by reservation (places are limited:
Please note that the durational performance involves nudity and will last approximately 2/3 hours.

Time Oxidation
Zosia Zoltkowski

Premiere of the new performance
Friday, March 24 – h. 18:30
Palazzo Manin, via Manin 6/A, Udine

Zosia Zoltkowski is a Polish-Australian interdisciplinary artist who researches, creates and collaborates through the mediums of painting, performance, installation, sculpture and video. Her site-specific performances create a synergistic relationship between viewer, performer and space. Relying on her intuition, Zosia explores ways to reconnect, attune and reconnect with her surroundings.

Identifying war as a constituent element of the history of the borderland, and tracing its presence in the material, architecture and nature of the place, Zosia Zoltkowski will perform a durational performance in which she uses her particular method of body mapping. Through physical contact with the metallic industrial remains, and by evoking the statuesque elements of the surrounding area, the artist will initiate a process of embodiment that suggests to the viewer a primordial, physical and at the same time spiritual contact with the representative elements of the history of the place.

Participation in the performance is free, by reservation (places are limited:
Please note that the durational performance involves nudity and will last approximately one hour.

Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi

Premiere of the new performance
Friday, March 31 – h. 18:30
Palazzo Manin, via Manin 6/A, Udine

Alice Mestriner (Italy, 1994) and Ahad Moslemi (Iran, 1983) are an artistic duo active in Italy, who make multiculturalism and generational confrontation their strong point. Their artistic practice, based on the exploration of different artistic media, aims to transform differences into complementarities, which allow them to have a bifocal vision on the issues of time, language and identity.

The Italian-Iranian artist duo worked in contact with the milling industry as part of their residency project on the Friuli territory. Through acquaintance with Molino Moras and the industry’s supply chain of producers, and through contact with the architectural and landscape heritages of the former riverine flour and milling industries, the artists learned about an invaluable heritage of propitiatory practices, legends and rituals.
Columns molded from a flour mixture will punctuate the performance space of Palazzo Manin, evoking the cathedral in which Friulian millers, in ancient times, gathered to seek a patron saint to their manufactures. With the poetic act of scratching the columns, the artists, both on stage, make tangible (in the smell, with the dust that permeates every surface holding fragments of memory) the inexorability of the historical motion that invested the region between wars, famines and colonization.
Elements of hope and relationship with the divine appear in the performance through the presence of a pigeon in flight: an emissary of providence in the legend of the saint.

Participation in the performance is free, by reservation (seats are limited:
This is a durational performance, in which the artists will engage for a time frame of about 3 hours.