VENICE | Video Art Day#War Remembrance

26.01.2017 | Past events and exhibitions

January, Saturday 28th, 2017 from 05:00 to 07:00 p.m. – at Orient Experience, Campo Santa Margherita – Venice, Italy

The event has no entry fee


On January, Saturday 28th, a suggestive spread video art event is taking place on the soil of several Italian and foreign cities, like Trieste, Gradisca d’Isonzo, Pordenone, Rome, Padua, Venice and Toronto, from 05:00 to 07:00 p.m..

The event is part of the B#Side War Festival and is connected to IoDeposito’s audience engagement and audience development activities, in particular those related to the development of a new public, not canonically interested in contemporary art, and in this particular case is connected to the medium of video art.

Entitled “Video Art Day #War Remembrance”, the event consists of video projections of several artists, connected to the topic of the female perspective on war’s legacies: “Erasure” by Anne O’Callaghan (Canada), “BlackHole “ by Vanessa Gageos (Romania), “Burning Eyes” by Nathalie Vanheule (Belgium), “Conflict “ by Victoria Lucas (England), “Tales of the Mothertongue” by Estabrak Al Ansari (Iraq/Oman), “Dangerous Games” by Marina Abramovic (Montenegro), “City of Sigmund” by Arja Karkkainen (Finland).

The projection events can be followed directly from the B#Side War App, launched for the occasion: the App is completely free and allows to reserve seats for the festival performances and video screening, guided tours to exhibitions and installations, as well as to download catalogs and artist’s portfolios.

The video chosen for the Venetian projection is Tales of The Mothertongue by the Iraqi artist Estabrak Al Ansari (1986, Iraqi blooded, born in Iran, works in Muscat and London).

Taken in Telwet, Morocco, the video is a story based around the female Warriors of Berber past – a Moroccan pre-Arab culture – who has been removed from history books and now can be found only in mythological books or folktales.

In the video, through an atavistic and universal language, the artist stages the story of a warrior and Berber tribal leader; the flashbacks and symbolic actions that she takes moving her hands in the earth, in the sand and in the water, take us back to the elementary and powerful dimension of memory, which, despite its strength, risks to be removed and buried by the dust of time and the senselessness of the war.

Due to the topic focused on figures of Moroccan history, the video will be screened in the picturesque setting of the local “Orient Experience”, in Campo Santa Margherita, run by war refugees from various countries of the Middle East.



In collaboration with Orient Experience and Art for The World

B#Side War app was realised with the contribution of Cariplo, Fitzcarraldo, FUnder35 and developed by Neos Logos s.r.l.

“Tales of The Mothertongue” by Estabrak Al Ansari“Tales of The Mothertongue” by Estabrak Al Ansari
Orient ExperienceOrient Experience
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Campo Santa MargheritaCampo Santa Margherita