VANITAS Exhibition @ Palazzo Ducale

30.11.2017 | Past events and exhibitions

Vernissage: thursday, may the 31st, h. 18.30 at Sala Dogana (Palazzo Ducale). For the occasion an artist talk with Nathalie Vanheule and Lorenzo Bordonaro.

The exhibition is open: From the 1st to the 17th of June, from 10.00 to 19.00 (accept sunday and monday)

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The B#Side War festival is back in town, with a significative proposal fo the city of Genova: starting from May the 31st, at Palazzo Ducale (in the famous Dogana art room), the suggestive exhibition Vanitas will be displayed.

The aim of the exhibition is to investigate the contemporary representations of the Vanitas iconography, through several interpretations. The fragility of human being it is an historical subject in visual art, with a broad diffusion in time of war: in ancient time, this subject found expression in the roman Memento Mori iconogoraphy, and then in the Vanitas simbology, approching the bloody Thirty Years War. The XVII century has been the peak of this artistic production, creating a constellation of symbols represeting impermanence (such as unlit candels, skulls, still life nature). In this iconography, the fragility of human exhistence became a medium to communicate the danger and the tragedy of war, but this massage, within the exhibition, is narrated with a different perspective, reflessive and mystic, rather than a violent one. In the same age, the city of Genova was living the highest and richest moment of its history (“el siglo de los genoveses”), period that will end with the massive town bombing by part of the French Army.

The war, its tragedy, and the thought of the humans concernig the violence of war, are placed at the center of the exhbition, who use the medium of contemporary art with the aim of communicate to new generations what the conflict means, and what the conflict leaves. In contemporary time, a violent transition is happening, and the representation of caducity can give us new interpretative key through contemporary artworks amd practices: canvases, videos and installations, who translate and imaginary strongly rooted in the collective memory, exploring ancient symbol in a contemporary way.

The fugacity of human experience, finds so new representations, embodied in materials which are in time to time trova intangible or heavy, triggering a reflection on the concepts of memory and identitary rebuilding.

Event in collaboration with the City of Genova, Palazzo Ducale, Riprendiamoci Genova association. With the patronage of the Unesco.

Artworks by: Angela Lloyd, Nathalie Vanheule (Belgium) Lorenzo Bordonaro (Italy-Portugal), Coral Woodbury (Usa), Carola Minincleri Colussi (Italy), Boris Beja (Slovenia), Juan Alberto Negroni (Portorico), Stefano Zaratin (Italy), Cosima Montavoci (Olanda/Italia).

Also, we will presente the project B#Side War Peripheral Visions, ready to be realized thanks to SIAE, MIBACT, SILLUMINA: a brad project on the Caso Upland Territory, which is ready for a preview!

BrokenSpineII1600Coral Woodbury, Broken Spine
Barre1600Coral Woodbury, Barrè
BrokenSpineIV1600Coral Woodbury, Broke Spine IV
aLorenzo Bordonaro, "Impermanence"
02Lorenzo Bordonaro, "Impermanence"
c-1Lorenzo Bordonaro, "Impermanence"
STILL LIFE by Juan Alberto NegroniReady made composition by Juan Alberto Negroni
Mixed media on canvas_2016_9 x 12 inBy Juan Alberto Negroni
Untiitled 2_Mixed media on canvas_2016_9 x 12 inBy Juan Alberto Negroni
Floral Vanitas project per High Museum of Art (trascinato) 1BORIS BEJA_Ikebana project
BORIS BEJA_ Ikebana projectBORIS BEJA_Ikebana project
BORIS BEJA_ Ikebana projectBORIS BEJA_Ikebana project
Natura-Morta_3Stefano Zaratin, "Natura Morta"
Natura-Morta_1Stefano Zaratin, "Natura Morta"
Natura-Morta_2Stefano Zaratin, "Natura Morta"
MOSTRA 2 : FROM DUST TILL DUSTA is for Ashes, Ashes is forever -interactive installation by Nathalie Vanheule
th-78_burning-eyes-videostill-002-nathalie-vanheule-2015Nathalie Vanheule, "burning eyes"
Minincleri1Carola Minincleri, "Windy Time"
Minincleri2Carola Minincleri, "Windy Time"
_ALE0070 2Ash wall paintings by Nathalie Vanheule
_ALE0114Sullo sfondo, "Impermanence", di Lorenzo Bordonaro
_ALE0243 (2)
_ALE0071 (2)Windy Time by Carola Minincleri Colussi
_ALE0070Ash wall paintings by Nathalie Vanheule
_ALE0048 (2)Tomb Sculptures by Cosima Montavoci
_ALE0060 (2)Nostos Algos by Angela Alexander Lloyd
_ALE0065 (2)The ikebana series by Boris Beja
_ALE0065The Ikebana series by Boris Beja
_ALE0037 (2)"Natura morta de-composizione" by Stefano Zaratin
_ALE0036 (2)
_ALE0032The Broken Spine series, by Coral Woodbury
_ALE0030 (2)
_ALE0010A is for Ashes Ashes is Forever, by Nathalie Vanheule
_ALE0014 (2)Still Life by Juan Alberto Negroni
_ALE0015 (2)Still Life by Juan Alberto Negroni
_ALE0019 (2)"Burning Eyes" by Nathalie Vanheule
_ALE0027 (2)
_ALE0004Ash Paintings by Nathalie Vanheule