‘Sinapsi’ – Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi | Peripheral Memories

15.02.2023 | Past events and exhibitions

On Friday, March 31, at 6:30 p.m., in the setting of the exhibition Peripheral Memories at the MAKE exhibition space at Palazzo Manin in Udine, the new live performance by the Italian-Iranian artist duo Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi.

Alice Mestriner (Italy, 1994) and Ahad Moslemi (Iran, 1983) are an artistic duo active in Italy, who make multiculturalism and generational confrontation their strong point. Their artistic practice, based on the exploration of different artistic media, aims to transform differences into complementarities, which allow them to have a bifocal vision on the issues of time, language and identity.

The Italian-Iranian artist duo worked in contact with the milling industry as part of their residency project on the Friuli territory. Through acquaintance with Molino Moras and the industry’s supply chain of producers, and through contact with the architectural and landscape heritages of the former riverine flour and milling industries, the artists learned about an invaluable heritage of propitiatory practices, legends and rituals.

Columns molded from a flour mixture will punctuate the performance space of Palazzo Manin, evoking the cathedral in which millers in Friuli gathered in ancient times to seek a patron saint to their manufactures. With the poetic act of scratching the columns, the artists, both on stage, make tangible (in the smell, with the dust that permeates every surface holding fragments of memory) the inexorability of the historical motion that invested the region between wars, famines and colonization.
Elements of hope and relationship with the divine appear in the performance through the presence of a pigeon in flight: an emissary of providence in the legend of the saint.
Participation in the performance is free and places are limited/reservations and info prenotazioni@iodeposito.org

This is a durational performance, in which the artists will engage for a time span of about 3 hours, in which visitors can watch the performance act in its entirety, or participate only in certain moments.
Upon reservation, a free reception and educational service is provided for children and young people whose families would like to attend the performance.