13.11.2017 | Past events and exhibitions

Opening: Saturday September the 8th,  7.00 pm @ B#S Gallery (Vicolo Isola di Mezzo 3/5, Treviso)
The exhibition will be open from the 8th to the 23th of September, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30 to 18.30.

A collaboration between B#S Gallery and the artistic and curatorial collective Ardesia Project: curated by Michele Amaglio, Rottura di superficie is a collective exhibition that investigates the relationship between photography and its support for representation.
The photographic surface is the limit between the object of investigation that the artist wants to experience and the image that results from this operation. A boundary that becomes increasingly blurred, starting from the advent of the digital world in which the image becomes less and less bodily, migrating from screen to screen almost to disappear.
The exhibition proposes research projects aimed at exploring the possibilities around the surface of representation, thanks to the artists Nicola Novello, Linda Alborghetti & Marco Bellini, Ginevra Shay.

file away 5installation by Linda Alborghetti & Marco Bellini, 2015
installation by Linda Alborghetti & Marco Bellini, 2017
installation by Linda Alborghetti & Marco Bellini, 2015
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