‘Queen Elizabeth’ and asbestos snow – Andreja Kargačin | Peripheral Memories

15.02.2023 | Past events and exhibitions

On Friday, March 17, at 6:30 p.m., in the setting of the exhibition Peripheral Memories at the MAKE exhibition space at Palazzo Manin in Udine, Andreja Kargačin’s new live performance.

An interdisciplinary artist originally from Novi Sad, Andreja Kargačin approaches performance through her background in dance and dramatic art studies, which took place in Belgrade. Originally from a “multiethnic and paradoxical” part of the Balkans, she shapes her interest in the gray areas of history and the role of collective memory through body work, introjecting the lessons of Marina Abramović, who chose her as her performer and student.

The new performance, created as a result of a residency period on the territory of Monfalcone, opens a reflection on the theme of differences between East and West (cultural and gender differences, between stereotypes and social gap) starting from the artist’s encounter with industries and the museum heritage of shipyards.
Inspired by the famous cruiser “Queen Elizabeth” and the encounter with immigrant workers and laborers from the former Yugoslavia, strengthened by the centrality of the body – deprived of its erotic value and clothed with symbolic meanings – the performance suggestively combines elements of local history and iconographic elements of the Serbian world, communicating with the viewer also through symbols present in the performative perimeter.
The act is engaging and poetic for the viewer, also due to its difficulty of execution: it is a durational performance in which the artist remains motionless for hours in uncomfortable and climatically adverse conditions.

Participation in the performance is free, with limited seating. Reservations and info: prenotazioni@iodeposito.org

It should be noted that the performance involves nudity and will last about 2 hours, in which the audience may take part in full or only at certain moments.
Upon reservation, a free reception and educational service is provided for children and young people whose families would like to attend the performance.