05.05.2019 | Past events and exhibitions

The PUBLIC #INTIMACY exhibition works on the relationship between the space of intimacy and the public sphere, with the idea of ​​representing in a contemporary key a symbol common to all human bings, traceable in works of art from all eras: the sacredness of private space, the defense of the boundaries of privacy/secrecy with respect to the public invasion of this sphere.
The sacredness of the intimate place emerges in the representations of contemporary artists who have worked with different media (from installation to digital art, from photography to ready-made) by investigating the thin line between public sphere and intimacy, developing a survey on the speed with which this line is bent, in particular, in four different contexts, identified as inter-dependent and as parts of the same involutionary chain: contexts of war, dictatorships, forced migrations and digital invasions.
The artists transmit to us the symbol of the defense of the boundaries of privacy and  secrecy against a violent political framework, or a violently polluting society, reminding us that no human being is immune from the worry of wanting to defend himself and his loved ones from these violations (going through several historical events, from the collapse of the URSS to the desaparecidos in Argentina, to reach today’s China policy).

On display are works by numerous contemporary artists: Sylvia Griffin (Australia), Claudio Beorchia, Lorenzo Bordonaro, Silvia Cavallari, Alice Mestriner (Italy) Alexander Stepanenenko, Nathalia Tikhonova (Russia), Ahad Moslemi (Iran), Eric Javier Markowski (Argentina), María Xosé Fernández Iglesias (Spain), Clare Charnley ( UK), Lenia Georgiou (Cyprus), Angela Alexander-LLoyd (Scotland).

For the vernissage, an aperitif with the artist Sylvia Griffin, who arrived from Australia specifically for the talk, and a visit to the exhibition, at 7.00 pm.