PRISONERS Public art installation, by Joshua Cesa

06.01.2017 | Past events and exhibitions

The installation is accessible from 06:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., in the area between Stradone Sant’Agostino and vico Amandorla (during the days May 11 – 14th 2017)

The installation arises from the need of inspecting the experience of captivity in a perceptive sense, triggering a reflection on the idea of the reclusion, invariable constant of all the conflicts, which strikes up with the daily sphere and to the way today we perceive the world.

Installed in the urban space of the historic down-town of Genova (luxuriant of stones and buildings, the memory of the tragic events related to the World Wars is almost silent), the screens show the image of the numerous prisoners who from the inside try to free themselves.

The casual bump into the artworks induces to reflect on the paradox of the encounter-crash among the freedom of the passer-by ad the desperate condition of the prisoner, out of any time and place, awakening a precious – although uncomfortable – collective historical memory.

In collaboration with the Municipality of Genova and Riprendiamoci Genova Collective


senza titolo-43Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-37Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-36Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-35Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-32Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-31Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-30Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-29Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-28Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-27Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-23Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-22Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-19Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-18Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-17Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-16Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-15Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-14Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-13Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-6Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-5Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-4Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-3Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-2Photo by Veronica Onofri
senza titolo-1Photo by Veronica Onofri
IMG_20170514_175649Prisoners @ Ex Lager di Genova
IMG_20170514_175415Prisoners @ Ex Lager di Genova
IMG_20170514_175143Prisoners @ Ex Lager di Genova
IMG_20170514_173926Prisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
IMG_20170512_191545Prisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
IMG_20170511_183902Prisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
IMG_20170511_173629Prisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
IMG_20170511_173625Prisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
IMG_20170511_172912Prisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18528038_1072191752914855_2201599920007857808_n-1photo by Selene Gandini
18519926_1072186532915377_6231938563749197325_nphoto by Selene Gandini
18486063_1070881913045839_7707133569614644421_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18485597_1070881833045847_4367571771516329375_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18485339_1070882123045818_7148229600595512272_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18447233_1072185369582160_6973804263166841354_nphoto by Selene Gandini
18446951_1070881703045860_1540519754505237520_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18446931_1072185999582097_8318808734134288712_nphoto by Selene Gandini
18425004_1069639179836779_3548204429995979296_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18423925_1069639083170122_5112624770788209057_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
18034006_1069639176503446_5059875365004048935_nPrisoners @ Genova / Vico Amandorla
Vernissage: May, Thursday 11th, 06:00 p.m., at Feellove (Stradone Sant’Agostino 17, 16123, Genova, Italy)