Pheripheral Visions Monfalcone

20.12.2018 | Past events and exhibitions

Pheripheral Visions is a transitient exhibition of video art and sound art, which reflects on the history of the conflicts of the ‘900 through the works of contemporary international artists under 35 years old.
The look of the artists ignites new perspectives around the theme of cultural clash, a dynamic that has deeply influenced the territory of the Isonzo over the centuries: artists from different countries reflect on the theme of the bond, in an interpenetration of familiar and cultural stories that describe our collective memory, giving us a precious “peripheral vision” on the historical events of our past.

A widespread event, made by micro-interventions of relational art, video art and sound art, which offers interested parties a city walk between the shipyard and the fortress in search of screens broadcasting the video and audio works.

Our volunteers and operators (artists, curators) will look for the people involvement directly on the street, bringing in their arms the broadcasting screens and involving people in a dialogue on the artworks broadcasted.


Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 2018 to March 2019, in various locations of the city of Monfalcone (free access)

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Con il sostegno della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (eventi e manifestazioni sulla Grande Guerra), con il sostegno di Fondazione Carigo