20.12.2018 | News

Pheripheral Visions is an exhibition that reflects on the history of the conflicts of the ‘900 through the works of contemporary international artists under 35 years old.

The look of the artists can foster new perspectives around the theme of cultural clash, a dynamic that has deeply influenced the Karst area over the centuries: through video art, photography, installation and performance, artists from different countries reflect on the theme of the bond (the link with the territory, the historical link with the previous eras) in an interpenetration of familiar and cultural stories that describe our collective memory, giving us a precious “peripheral vision” on the events of our past.

Against the backdrop of a state property, abandoned in the extensive process of “military disposal” in the border areas of the Friuli Venezia Giulia border region, the exhibition takes hold in a former barracks, for the first time open to the public.

On show works by Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi, Manca Bajec, Lenia Georgeou, Mattia Cesaria, Joshua Cesa, Cosima Montavoci, Nathalia Tikhonova, Deimion Van der Sloot, Cristian Tablazon, Alberto Girotto, Andrea Tessari & Giovanna Bressan, Mattia Balsamini, Mircea Ciutu.

With the special participation of the artists Neja Tomsic, Marta Lodola, Giada Pianon and the photographer Michele Amaglio.

From February 9 to March 30, at the former Polmare barracks in Largo Petazzi 2 (Trieste), in collaboration with the State Property of the Fvg Region.

Free entry. For opening hours and days: +375 553 2009

Inauguration: Saturday 9 February 2019, open doors and talk with the artists from 15.00 to 18.00 pm.

Every Saturday and Sunday, in two shifts (morning and afternoon), guided workshop visits with artists, for families, citizens and young people, with Lucrezia Caudek / +375 5532009-

Manca Bajec Venezia 2

Con il sostegno della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (eventi e manifestazioni sulla Grande Guerra), con il sostegno di Fondazione Carigo

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