PANOPTICO Sound Art Installation by Greta Lusoli

06.01.2017 | Past events and exhibitions

July 29-30th 2017 / The installation is accessible at Forte Lago Predil – Italy, from 02:00 p.m. to 06:00 p.m.

(to reach the Forte, is suggested to follow the indications given by the following website:

In the border land of the extreme North East, in an appendix of the wild Julian Alps where Italy, Slovenia and Austria coincide, melting cultures, traditions and a historical past made of forced migrations and of garrison, the natural barieer of the Predil laked divided the factions and forced to a cold mountain exile soldiers and civilians depleted from winter’s austerity and from food supplies. In the strategic fortress built on this lake, prisoner of a crystalline panorama, of a grim amphitheatre of high peaks (from them surveilled), 100 years later, the cry of alarm of the Panoptico, which seems to be a summation of all the warning calls of the animal world, stands and bounces vibrating the side of the mountains that enclose the lake in a chain.

In collaboration with the association Età dell’Acquario and with the Municipality of Tarvisio

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