Nantia Scordopoulou @ B#Side War Vol. 6

22.03.2020 | Past events and exhibitions

As part of the B#Side War project / 6th edition, Nantia Scordopoulou will conclude her artist residence in July 2020, in the Lower Friulian area, producing an “artist ethnography” that will investigate the memory of the invasion and its impacts on the gender diversity in the cities Cervignano, Ruda, Aiello, Palmanova, Casarsa della Delizia.
After interviews with citizens (local historians, cultural activists, teachers, writers, families, the elderly and young people of the area), and thanks to their involvement in creative activities, the artist is developing the installation work “The Window / Eve & Adam”: a public work of art that interprets the space of the Sarcinelli park in Cervignano as a new garden of Eden, placing in the landscape a volume which evokes the shape of the ancient pictorial diptychs of Adam and Eve. The artwork is a vertical mirroring surface that creates a metaphysical window on the past, allowing the reflection of the visitor in the historical landscape of the territory and the park. The artist gives us the metaphor of a world of gender inequality that is overcome by new tools of emotional mapping, reflection and sharing of the territory and its historical panorama, harassed for centuries by invasions and conquests that have encouraged the development of gender inequality.

The work is currently under construction, will be inaugurated and presented to the public in Cervignano on 10th of July 2020, and subsequently exhibited in the final exhibition of the project in November and January, in Udine and Trieste.

Nantia Scordopoulou (1984, Agrinio, Greece) is a contemporary artist whose poetics is expressed ranging from video art, video mapping and contemporary installation, exploring the relationship between human beings and public spaces.


A project financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, a special thanks to the municipality of Cervignano del Friuli