Workshops for collecting material and oral memories shared creation of artworks!

01.03.2018 | Past events and exhibitions

Within the framework of the B#Side Peripheral Visions project, the IoDeposito association invites all the citizens of Fogliano Redipuglia, Sagrado, Gradisca d’isonzo, Mariano, to confer their family memories for the creation of “Memory Trees” works of art by Andrea Tessari (with the artistic collaboration of Giovanna Bressan) and “Labyrinth”, a collective artistic intervention that will see the participation of innumerable young artists and that will build on the Karst a system of “orientation in the war history of the border”, starting from literary, oral memories, and from videoart micro-interventions.

In the logic of involve families, children and the elderly in the area in approaching the forms of contemporary art, and in the active and constructive participation in art, the artists, curators and our operators will collect oral and material memories of the population.

The will is to deepen the local memory with reference to the themes of the periphery, of the border, of multiculturalism and of war, elements that have always characterized the territory and with which the citizens of the area have always fraternized, not without difficulty.

During the spring and summer (March / July 2018), sessions of collecting memories and material objects will be organized, we invite all citizens to book and give their family memories, also in oral form: the operators will also attend every third Sunday of the month in Piazza Unità, taking advantage of the presence of the market in Gradisca d’Isonzo.

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