26.03.2019 | Past events and exhibitions

On the Gorizian Karst, in an unconventional open space, this widespread installation develops made of micro-intervention in multimedia, fabrics, material objects and an original orientation system that wants to bring visitors into the logic of using a labyrinth, in the depths of the story of a de-militarized and de-industrialized place.

A small portion of the Carsica urban periphery, between Fogliano Redipuglia and Sagrado, hosts the temporary installation for the B#Side Peripheral Visions project, dedicated to the divergent narratives of the war history.
The installation, built and opened at the beginning of October 2018, and opened at the end of the mont, closes its cycle: the 30th and 31st of march 2019, a last weekend of guided tours and workshops before it is removed from the urban periphery that hosts it and that has generated it, an area that for its particular conformation is dotted with burial places of the world wars, military barracks, shrines and monuments, trenches that emerge between the houses, large concrete castings and small parceled meadows.

The artwork is a maze of cloth and gauze, freely usable in public space, where multimedia projections are made (thanks to the special screens designed by the artist Joshua Cesa), but the installation includes contributions and videos of multiple artists Under 35 –Giovanna Bressan, Adrea Tessari, Alberto Girotto, Mattia Balsamini, Michal Hustaty, Lenka Kuricova, Alessandro Senno, Mattia Cesaria & Giulia De Martiis, Anastasia Vepreva, Nathalia Tikhonova – The volume of the labyrinth is a metaphorical representation of the blood shed by the Carso peoples in the First World War, depiction produced through a metaphorical labyrinth, of wide extension, able to contain, in its geometric abstraction, the ‘volume of the loss’, calculated in the liters of blood poured by who is buried in the karst periphery, punctuated by burial places, cemeteries and shrines that border on houses and factories.

The installation feeds on local memories: the artists actively sought memories of the war, especially the First World War, in the words and memories of the locals, through 4 sessions of listening and relationship with the elderly and families of Fogliano Redipuglia. We invite all visitors to book a guided tour, to enrich the sense of the installation with the story of their family memories.

The festival saw the participation and support of SIAE, SILLUMINA, MIBAC, REGIONE FVG, DEMANIO FVG.
For information and guided tours: / +348 7768935