Dualità ed espressione Creative workshop with Alice&Ahad

09.10.2023 | Past events and exhibitions

On Friday 20 October 2023 at 6 p.m. at Casa Cavazzini, Alice Mestriner (Italy, 1994) and Ahad Moslemi (Iran, 1983) will welcome the community in a workshop forecasting the active involvement of the participants in simple ‘warm up’ exercises to unleash their creative potential through the exchange of experiences and visions.

Dust, flour, organic materials representing collective memory. A duo of artists known for their empirical skills with dusty elements meets the Udine audience in a participatory workshop, to work together on the theme of the interweaving of male and female in the creative process.
The collaboration between different sensitivities and experiences – between male and female, but also between different cultures and generations – offers an antidote to gender inequality, enhancing creativity and promoting the co-construction of thought.

Over the course of the meeting, participants will learn about the practices the duo uses to test the frontiers of art in their daily work. The artists’ latest projects will also be presented.

On the background of the activity, the character of Franca Viola, introducing the topic of rebellion: rebellion in the society as an engine for the change, the artist as a social vector of change through innovation.

Participation in the workshop is free, for a maximum of 35 participants. Reservation is highly suggested: book your place with an email to prenotazioni@iodeposito.org