Comfort Zone what’s up in the creative Ateliers?

15.04.2019 | Past events and exhibitions

Creative resident Ateliers for people aged 11-14 years old, experimenting contemporary art, directly in the school of the Isonzo territory.

Comfort Zone / Atelier is a project which believes in the educational community. View the catalog 2019.

+39 375 553 2009

Days and hours of creative workshops in th Ateliers:

-Gradisca d’Isonzo, IC Della Torre, via Roma 22 (34072) / Tuesday and Thursday 2-5 pm.

-Staranzano, @ISIS BEM, Via Enrico Fermi 12 (34079) / Monday & Friday 2-5 pm.

Comfort Zone / Atelier is a project financed by Con i Bambini, through the Fund for the contrast of youth educational poverty