B#SIDE WAR Vol. 6th

22.03.2020 | Past events and exhibitions

B#Side War / 6th Chapter: the Limes and the invasion

The geo-political characteristics of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region led its territory to represent the geographical and cultural border between the “east” and the “west” of the world, starting from the times of the barbarian invasions. From the times of the Roman occupation, of the Goths and the Huns, different cultures, coming from the other side of the natural watershed made up of the Alps and the Karst, have had access to the Italian peninsula, passing through the metaphorical gates and openings that the territory offered (Longobardi , Franks, Turks, even the Cossacks in 1944-45), allowing the stratification of a historical heritage that characterized the identity of the land also in the context of modern history, world conflicts and up to the Balkan conflict -even giving rise to its preventive militarization in the years of the Berlin Wall: the last moment in which the invasive threat was perceived as pressing on the Friulian-Julian border by the populations of the continent.

As part of the B#Side War Festival, 6th edition, through a system of residencies on the regional territory, international artists are involved in the research and creation of new works based on the history and memory of the place, actively engaging citizens in workshops and participatory art activities.

The project focuses its investigation on the historical identity of the area, in its quality of limes (from Roman times to modern times) and in the effects that limes caused by its intrinsic nature: invasions.

The artists selected for the residences are: Alice Mestriner (Italy), Ahad Moslemi (Iran), Barbara Mydlak (Poland), Nantia Scordoupoulou (Greece), Carmela Cosco (Italy)

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Project funded by the FVG Region, in the events and manifestations for the promotion of historical culture

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