B#Side War Artists in residence: Jane Glynn and the Carso Upland

01.10.2017 | Past events and exhibitions

The Irish artist Jane Glynn will be the protagonist of the new edition of the B#Side War Artists in Residence project: the photographer will spend a whole month on the Carso Upland (between the cities of Trieste, Gorizia, Nova Gorica, Fogliano Redipuglia, Monfalcone), where she will dedicate herself to a reportage on the karst territory.

Jane Glynn feels particularly attached to the idea of the karst soil: in fact, her country of origin counts a vast number of karst territory, so Glynn has developed a special bond with the Italian/Slovenian border lands as well. The element more attracting for her attention is the flow of historical rivers, such as the Isonzo, the Tagliamento and the Piave: they are silent protagonists of numerous battles and with their vibrant flow, they represents metaphorically the passing of time and memory.

The reportage will be fully visible in the exhibition Memory Lands, opening the 10th of November at the B#S Gallery (Treviso, 31100 Vicolo Isola di Mezzo 3/5). The artists will recount herself and the reportage in a public talk at 18.30.

SPOT 2_ Residenza Jane Glynn