AMULETS. Pietra Camargo Galli for Ceramic Art

03.01.2023 | Past events and exhibitions

As part of the Ceramic Art project, which offers new artistic and educational paths together with the San Pier d’Isonzo Municipal School of Ceramics, an experience between contemporary art and ceramic art is offered to the citizenship with Pietra Camargo Galli: the multi-disciplinary artist will lead Amulets, a special workshop for families on the theme of collective and personal remembrance, on the day of the year dedicated to memory, Jan. 27 at 5:30 p.m.

Combining clay manipulation with an archaeological-flavored search into personal and community memories, the workshop focuses on shaping a number of artifacts-rings, necklaces, miniature sculptures-that represent the “memory garden” of the participating family: a personal archive of memories and dreams to carry with them into everyday life, in the form of an amulet.

The method was inspired by the artist’s childhood, spent in the primitive and wild Brazilian landscape: the creation of the amulets is meant to enhance the connection with the ancestors, with the past of the place and the community. In the same way that one marks one’s path with stones so as not to get lost, these amulets also function as temporal signs, recording a personal chronology of events.

The workshop is free for participants, with limited seating and reservations are required at
Participants will be able to pick up their amulets at the final Ceramic Art openday.