Alice Mestriner & Ahad Moslemi @ B#Side War Vol. 6

22.03.2020 | Past events and exhibitions

As part of the B#Side War project / 6th edition, Alice Mestriner and Ahad Moslemi carried out their artist residency between December 2019 and February 2020, in the area of ​​the Canal del Ferro-Val Canale, producing an “artist ethnography” which investigated the memory of the border and the invasion in the cities of Tarvisio, Pontebba, Camporosso, Malborghetto, Valbruna, Ugovizza.

After interviews with citizens (local historians, cultural activists, teachers, writers, families, the elderly and young people), and thanks to their involvement in creative activities, they are now developing the installation work “Albero a Gomiti” (“Crankshaft”): a kinetic installation, a mobile platform, which thanks to a mechanical arm continues uninterruptedly to mix the soil coming from Austria, Italy and Slovenia, to symbolize the perpetual movement that over the centuries has seen the mixing of people and languages ​​on the extreme north-east border.

The work is currently under construction, will be presented in Tarvisio, on display at the medieval tower, starting from August the 8th with an artist talk and a first exhibition occasion, and subsequently in the final exhibition of the project in October , in Udine and Trieste.

Alice Mestriner (1994, Treviso, Italy) and Ahad Moslemi (1983, Téhéran, Iran) are a duo of contemporary artists whose poetics focus on otherness and cultural complementarity. They have been working together since 2016 and investigate across the fields of installation, performance and conceptual art. /


Download the complete artist’s ethnography:


A project financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia region