20.12.2018 | Past events and exhibitions


A selection of video artworks that flows uninterruptedly, inside a former military barracks on the border between Italy and Slovenia: Videoart Cabinet is a non-canonical exhibition, which reflects on the history of the conflicts of the ‘900 through the video works of international artists under 35 years old.

The look of the artists can foster new perspectives around the theme of cultural clash and the border, a dynamic that has deeply influenced the territory of the cities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica over the centuries: artists from different countries reflect on the theme through deep reflections on the link with the territory, in an interpenetration of familiar and cultural histories of our collective memory, giving us a precious “peripheral vision” on the events of our past.

Video works by: Michal Huštaty  e Lenka Kuricova, Estabrak Al Ansari, Anastasia Vepreva, Andrea Tessari & Giovanna Bressan, Alberto Girotto & Joshua Cesa, Vanessa Gageos, Lesia Pchelcka, Natalia Tikhonova, in exposition also a photo seria by Mattia Balsamini.

hustaty_900Who Wants to belong in my country? by Michal Hustaty and Lenka Kurikova
Screenshot 2018-12-20 12.06.44Technophilia, by Anastasia Vepreva

From the 4th of February, at the Carinarnica (Erjavčeva ulica 51, 5000) +375 553 2009 / free admission, until march the 31st: it is possible to see the video artworks from the outside, 24h!

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in in-depth events, talks with artists and creative workshops: the first talk is February the 23rd, and than there will be a a laboratory dedicated to kids! 2019

Carinarnica nel buio
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Con il sostegno della Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia (eventi e manifestazioni sulla Grande Guerra), con il sostegno di Fondazione Carigo