Uroš Weinberger

27.09.2017 | Artists

Uroš Weinberger was born in 1975 in Slovenia. He attended the Accademy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, where he specialized in painting. He perfected his studies at the National Accademy of Art of Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2001, he was honoured with the “Prešeren Student’s Award” by the university of Ljubljana; moreover, in 2011 he was the winner of the “Biennial Exhibition: A Look at Visual Arts 6 Slovenia: I, Here, Now”. Since 2009, he joined several programs supported by the slovenian Ministry of Culture. Exhibitions in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Republic of Serbia and Slovenia. Currently, he lives and works as an independent visual artist in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Weinberger defines his works as contemporary figural painting. The foundamental aim of his works is to bring out social awareness, dealing with local and global problems that influence our daily lives. His opus must have a really effective impact for spectators; therefore he tries to achieve this goals through the alienating use of colors. Weinberger wants to catalyse in the mind of observers a process of ackwnowledgement about the issue, whose the painting deals with. Some of his works are characterised by clear borders and a minimum number of scenes in undefined environments. Meanwhile, others are packed with narrative, which makes their readability highly intricate.

Uroš Weinberger exhibits his painting See at B#Side War vol. III, in the occasion of the Exhibition After Hiroshima (2016/2017)