Nathalie Vanheule

21.12.2016 | Artists

Nathalie Vanheule (born in 1980 in Ypres) is a Belgian multidisciplinary artist.

She holds a master in Graphic design at Sint-Lucas Ghent, Belgium, a Teachers degree at Sint-Lucas Ghent, Belgium and she also graduated in 3D-design at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in KASK Ghent, Belgium.
A significant autobiographical element is the city where she was born, Ypres, one of the bloodiest field on the West front during the two World Wars, as it served as Belgian’s frontline. This premature experience with death and devastation has played a significant thematic role in Vanheule’s work.
Her work encompasses performance, drawings, sculptures and video installations, placing the viewer at the heart of a dizzying interplay of forces, reflections and emotions.
This Belgian artist pushes the boundaries between the forbidden, the real, the inner and the imaginary.

Her work has been successfully presented by international institutions such as The Texture Museum, Kortrijk (2015), MHKA Museum for Contemporary Art Antwerp (2015) The Broelmuseum Kortrijk (2015, 2014,2008), Palais de Tokyo Paris (Book presentation, 2015), In Flanders Fields Museum (2015), the MSK National Museum for Fine Arts of Ghent (2004), at the Museum D’hondt in Daenens (2010), the SMAK MUSEUM FOR CONTEMPARY ART in Ghent (2004), the Gerrit Rietveld Institution in Amsterdam ( 2003), the Fashionclash in Maastricht (2010), the Belgium Consulate in Shanghai (2009), the Pulse show in New York (2007), the Am Flütgraben in Berlin (2012) and many more.

In different occasion she took part to the B#Side War Festival Vol II (2015/2016 edition): In 2016, she performed THE STARTING POINT with Astrid Haerens at Molino Stucky in Venice, she participated to Lands of Memory at the Battlefield Museum in Vittorio Veneto (IT); and held the performance Vanitas/ticket to paradise in collaboration with the artist Joshua Cesa at Galleria Bombi in Gorizia (IT).
She currently lives and works in Kortrijk.


Nathalie Vanheule working in her studioNathalie Vanheule working in her studio
The Color of Water and TearsThe Color of Water and Tears, solo video installation at the Texture Museum, in Kortrijk, 2015
En FlammeEn Flamme installation
Vanitas-Ticket to ParadiseVanitas - Ticket to Paradise, Galleria Bombi, Gorizia, 2016
Performance at Palazzo StuckyPerformance at Palazzo Stucky, Venice, 2016
En Flamme installationEn Flamme installation
En Flamme, installation, Vilvoorde/Brussels, 2016En Flamme, installation, Vilvoorde/Brussels, 2016
Burning Eyes video stillBurning Eyes video still, 2015