23.12.2016 | Artists

Luca Terenzi (born in Portogruaro in 1991) is a student of Philosophical Sciences at the University of Padova, IT, who, since the high school, approached autonomously to art with the medium of painting and drawings.

His research starts from the study of religious iconography and tries to transform the images and symbols into a contemporary art dimension. This attempt has an aesthetic and a conceptual aim: the use of lines, curves, the disposition of the bodies of the subject of this iconographical tradition, giving them a new meaning in the contemporary context.

Luca Terenzi recently works mainly with acrylic on wood, or with recycled materials as cardboards, in order to use the potentiality of those objects taking advantage by their materiality, for the paintings and against the two-dimensionality. At the same time he recently got interested in drawing and comics, starting to experiment with black ink and realizing his own graphic novel.

He exhibited at Land of Memory exhibition in occasion of the B#Side War Festival vol II (2015-2016 edition). His artwork, Corrispondenza tra i fronti is a mixed installation and painting that aims to give form, through the object and the image, to two different perspectives in relation and within the First World War.


Corrispondenza tra i frontiCorrispondenza tra i fronti
Corrispondenza tra i fronti, photo from the exhibition Lands of MemoryCorrispondenza tra i fronti, photo from the exhibition Lands of Memory
Corrispondenza tra i frontiCorrispondenza tra i fronti
Manca Bajec Venezia 2

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