Mario Loprete

06.11.2017 | Artists

Mario Loprete was born in 1968, Catanzaro (Italy), he developed his own personal artistic culture without external contamination. In 2002, he attended several seminars, which were focused on two main themes: aesthetics and landscape. He achieved a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro. He exhibits in England, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and USA. Now, He lives and works in Catanzaro.

Until 1998, Loprete did not follow strict standards of painting and he experimented different technique. After years of artistic research, he decided to use the concrete both as a canvas for his oil paintings and as structural material for his installations. Loprete’s work is related to social issues: Loprete, through one of his most famous painting cycle Black, wants to give relevance to the underground culture as a movement against youth poverty.

Concrete gathers a series of frames made of concrete, which they gradually lose their shape, their details up to become a rough grey piece of reinforced concrete. The issue of the unstoppable stream of time and the relentless rarefaction of memory arises from this work.

concrete 1Concrete_by Mario Loprete
concrete 2Concrete_by Mario Loprete
concrete 3Concrete_by Mario Loprete