Sylvia Griffin

05.10.2017 | Artists

Sylvia Griffin was born in Australia, she is a multi-disciplinary artist. In the early years of her career, she devoted her works to painting, but lately she interests in a different kind of art ranging across sculpture, video, photography and installation. She exhibited in several solo and collective exhibitions, including VAC Gallery, La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre and Dominik Mersch Gallery. In 2013, she was the winner of Wiloughby Sculpture Prize.
Now, she lives and works in Sidney, Australia.

The aim of Griffin’s work is to investigate the relation established between contemporary art and history, memory, individual and collective traumas which are originated by the Holocaust. Moreover, she focus on the way in which this painful event is perceived, first of all, by her family. The main goal of the artist is to shape, to make visible, to concretize something that is unspeakble.

Sylvia Griffin uses several kind of materials to create different forms of comunication and expression, which can fulfill the tradional culture of memory. However, she uses classical materials designated to monumental memory (stone, marble, copper) but she has the ability to turn them into an unconventional way.

no, no, no"No, no, no", by Sylvia Griffin
Unspoken | Sylvia Griffin | Artist, Sydney Australia"Unspoken", by Sylvia Griffin
Absent-Presence5-728x1024"Absent Presence" by Sylvia Griffin
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