Jane Glynn

23.12.2016 | Artists

Jane Glynn is an Irish illustrator, curator and visual artist whose practice is expanding in a multi-disciplinary direction.

She considers an important cornerstone of her works the liminal spaces and the issue of memory as a building of layers in which the artist can explore stories through a process of discovery that often involves other people.

Moreover she recently has taken a new path of exploration in her practice through space, places and time using found objects as source material.

She earned a BFA in 2014 and a MA in Fine Art from the National College of Art & Design of Dublin in 2015.

Her works has been exhibited in different occasions including Out of Print (2016) in Dublin at the Library Project, the Summer Exhibitions at the Royal Hibernian Academy, in Dublin (2013, 2014) and at the Royal Academy in London (2014). In 2015, she was awarded as Printmaker of the Year 2015 by PrintFest UK.

In recent projects such as Empty Spaces, Human Traces (2013) and Transition (2014) emerges Glynn’s fascination of building in transition and their remnant of the past lives, places drifting towards abandonment and decay with which she engaged with these atmospheric spaces and their sense of fleeting temporality.

Glynn’s most recent work The Zone (2015), instead, explored man’s engagement with war as facilitated through technology in both real and virtual worlds. Projection was a relevant process of engagement for this project as it enabled the use of archival and contemporary footage to explore the relationship between liminality, war and technology.

She has participated to the B#Side War Vol II (2015-2016 edition) taking part to the group exhibitions Lands of Memory in Vittorio Italy and Sine Linea  in Piran, Slovenia.


Avant Garde : in search of the Ulverston Street Trench, Digiprint 3648 × 2736 pixelsAvant Garde : in search of the Ulverston Street Trench, Digiprint 3648 × 2736 pixels
renches in the Flanders Salient , Digiprint 3648 × 2736 pixelsrenches in the Flanders Salient , Digiprint 3648 × 2736 pixels
Flat Death (after Barthes) ,Digiprint 3648 × 2736 pixelsFlat Death (after Barthes) ,Digiprint 3648 × 2736 pixels
Home from the series Transition. 2014Home from the series Transition. 2014
Empty Spaces, Human Traces, 2013Empty Spaces, Human Traces, 2013